Glass Seed Beads

Size 11/0 (~1mm)

*These beads have smaller holes and may not be suitable for designs that thread seed beads onto 20 gauge or larger frames or dangles.

Metallic Purple Mix*
Metallic Blue Mix*
Metallic Green Mix*
Metallic Bronze Mix*
Metallic Matte Mix*
Metallic Bright Mix
Light Blue Crystal*
Medium Light Blue Crystal*
Medium Blue Crystal*
Medium Dark Blue Crystal*
Dark Blue Crystal*
Transparent Blue
Copper Crystal
Alabaster Copper
Dark Copper
Metallic Red
Frosted Dark Red
Transparent Red
Frosted Dark Amethyst
Transparent Dark Amethyst
Frosted Medium Amethyst
Transparent Medium Amethyst
Frosted Orchid
Transparent Orchid
Blush Crystal
Transparent Green
Black Matte
Black Semigloss

Size 8/0 (~2mm)

Copper Crystal
Alabaster Copper
Dark Copper